Hi, I have Audacity 2.3.0 and I’ve recently started having trouble recording a track. When I go to record the track as an overdub instead of recording from the beginning of the track (like I intend) it creates a new track and records on that track at the end of the song (5 minutes in). I use a usb mic and a pair of headphones plugged into the auxiliary jack on my laptop. This problem recently started happening but never occurred before. It is present on all of my audacity files.

Let me know what I can do.

In older versions of Audacity, the behaviour was:
Record button (shortcut “R”) => Record to new track.
Shift + Record button (Shift + R) => Append recording.

As most of our users don’t do multi-track recording, and after years of complaints about this, the default behaviour was changed, so that in Audacity 2.3.0, the default behaviour is:
Record button (shortcut “R”) => Append recording.
Shift + Record button (Shift + R) => Record to new track.

There is an option in Preferences if you wish to revert to the old behaviour, though I would suggest that if you use the default, it does not take long to get used to the new behaviour. (See: “Record on a new track” Recording Preferences - Audacity Manual)

There is a list of other new features here: