Windows 10 Audacity 2.2.2

I want to make a recording by playing electric guitar together with a backing track. The backing is recorded on one own track
and I want to record on a track below that. How do I do that? I have tried but no sound from my guitar is comming. If I record
without a backing then it comes the sound from the guitar.


[u]Tutorial - Recording Multi-track Overdubs[/u]

Are you using some kind of guitar interface? Many interfaces have a way to direct-monitor yourself (without the signal going through the computer) while monitoring the backing track at the same time.

It’s also very common to split the signal so you can listen to your guitar amp while recording.

You can monitor through the computer by turning-on [u]Software Playthrough[/u] but there is always some latency (delay) through the computer. Sometimes you can get the delay down to an acceptable or unnoticeable amount and sometimes not. To some extent you can adjust the [u]Buffer Length/Latency[/u] but some buffering/delay is required because of the multitasking operating system and if the buffer is too small you’ll get glitches in your recording.


Windows 10 Audacity 2.2.2
So far I’ve made recordings in another program without any problems but I want to try Audacity now. My connection is; guitar - pedals - amplifier - sound card - computer. Headset audio from the sound card.
When I click on the recording comes a message that says; “An error occured when the audio device was opened. Try changing the audio values, recording unit, and project sampling rate.” How should I change?
Note: Audacity does not appear in Volume Control! It must be wrong, right?

Another problem; About two weeks ago, a women’s voice suddenly came up saying “trial” every seventh second.

You probably have a trial version VST plug-in installed on your system.

Audacity is free and doesn’t have nagware…unless you got a custom Audacity.

This is the normal source.


How can that be? From where came the trial version VST plug-in? The problems came suddenly one day about 4 weeks ago, far before I installed Audacity on my computer. How can I solv this problem? Is the only way a re-installation of Windows 10? /Bosse

It could be a plug-in that you installed some time in the past, or it may have been bundled with some other software.

Plug-ins that are bundled with Audacity are all completely free (licensed under GPL, or GPL compatible license), but Audacity does support third party plug-ins and will look to see what other plug-ins are available on the system.

Try setting the Audacity effect options to list effects by type. See:
“Preferences > Effects > Sorted by Type and Effect Name”

Then check in the “Generate”, “Effect” and “Analyze” menus to see if there are any VST plug-ins listed.