I am trying to use audacity to record from a sound board. I am running 2.2.2 with Windows 10. My question is how to record from sound board using audacity onto a windows 10 desktop with I/O port. What do my settings need to look like?

…from a sound board.

You’re talking about an audio mixer, right? And I assume the mixer does not have a USB port?

…onto a windows 10 desktop with I/O port

You need a line-input ([u]color-coded blue[/u] on a desktop/tower computer).

Most laptops have only mono mic-in and headphone-out. Some laptops have configurable inputs, but you’ll probably need a USB audio interface with line-inputs. The Berhinger UCA202 is popular and inexpensive option. Or, there are lots of higher-end interfaces with switchable mic/line inputs.

The biggest downside to the UCA202 is that it doesn’t have a hardware level/gain control. You can adjust the master-output from the mixer, but that be a problem if you’re also using the mixer “live”.