Windows 8.1
Version 2.2…

First problem
I open or insert a backing audio track in order to record the lead guitar
I record to the first new track and its OK it records only the lead
Trying to record to a new track it records also the previous one. is there any solution to avoid this?

Can I hear the effect (e.g. echo or delay) while I am recording?

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Recording.
Make sure [_]Playthrough is not selected, and [X]Overdub is.

Make sure you are recording an actual device like your microphone USB driver. If you like to record on-line content such as YouTube audio, you may be set to record from Stereo-Mix or other “fake” device. The wrong setting can double-up overdubbing sound by accident.

Can I hear the effect (e.g. echo or delay) while I am recording?

Audacity does not apply effects, filters or corrections in real time. So, no.


I checked options as following:

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Recording.
Made sure [_]Playthrough is not selected, and [X]Overdub is.

…but problem persists, the system does not allow me to record multiple tracks as I used to do in old computer before I changed it to new one. It just continues the record on the same track even after I re-installed the program (Audacity 2.2.1)

Please help, what should I do to make multiple trucks (layers) recorded in the same song?

As I mentioned in previous post (probably different attributor) I found solution when applied Always record on new track, it brought the magic in. Thanks for help :slight_smile: