I recently downloaded 2.2.1 and honestly I’m not thrilled. I don’t like the look and I find some new features annoying.
Previously, when I needed to re-record a portion of a recording, I would stop at given area and hit record. Audacity would then open a new track, I would record, cut and paste it into my existing track. Now, when I attempt to do that, the program acts as if I’m appending a previous recording…it picks up at the end of my previous recording and records.
I’ve tried shift record and ctrl record but they don’t seem to work.
Any suggestions…
If not, can I get back to the last version of the software?

Windows 10

Bob Hennessy

This was a change that was introduced in version 2.2.0 to always append to the current track.

If you’re wanting the old behaviour by default, check “Always record on a new track” in the recording preferences.

Always a pleasure dealing with you folks.

Bob H

Thank you SO MUCH. I also found this very, very annoying!!!

What exactly did you find so “very very annoying!!!” ?

You solved the most annoying problem for me so I guess the only complaint I have is the graphic layout. It doesn’t seem as clean as older versions, but I can certainly live with it.

Always a pleasure

Bob H

Hello. I have audacity 2.2.1. I am using windows 7. I was recording a song and I wanted to add a harmony in over a chorus. I clicked on the previous track, in the place where I wanted to start recording the harmony. Then I clicked record. Usually this would start recording right where I had clicked, but instead it sent me to the end of the track and started recording from the end. I could not record a second track. It would only start recording, adding onto the previous track. Then I tried simply hitting the back to start button, and pushed record. It started recording onto the end of the first track again. To reproduce the problem, record a track of audio, and then try to add another piece of audio underneath it. It would not let me do this. Thank you so much.

You’ll need to Shift-click the Record button, or press Shift+R to record to a new track: