How do I keep my tracks from duplicating when i record a new track.If i put dubbling on off, i can’t hear my other tracks

example trak 1 drums
trak 2 drums from trak 1 and piano
trak 3 drums ,piano from trak 2 and guitar

This is a new problem that i never had before .i’ve been using audaity for a couple of years
I hope somebody understands what i’m talking about.

Thanks Marc

In the device toolbar, select the recording device that you are actually using, not the “Sound Mapper” and not “Stereo Mix” and not “What U Hear” and not “WASAPI loopback”.

my audio host is MME and my recording device is stereo mix realtek high definition and it doesn’t work .the only way it does not duplicate is if i turn dubbing off in the transport option,but then I can’t hear my drum trak wih i preiously recorded.

That’s the problem.
What is your recording device?

my recording device is stereo mix realtek high definition

I’m on a laptop maybe it’s not compatible with this type of application or new version of audacity. I’ve recorded over 100 songs with the older version on a normal pc and never had any problems.

Is there another way of communicating than this were it would be faster

Thank you Marc