Hello. I’ve used Audacity extensively for editing and manipulating .wav files but until now I’ve never used it for recording. I’ve got a Boss Jamstation attached via its line out socket into an external USB sound card, into a Windows 8 laptop. Audacity seems to recognise the device as it displays it as its recording device towards the top of the screen. However when I press play on the Jamstation and record on Auadacity, Audacity just sits there and the transport doesn’t even move to the right as it does for mic input. I’ve played around with the settings of the Soundcard within Control Panel > Sound but to no avail. I’m sure to be missing something obvious to the more experienced user of the recording functionality. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Thanks!

missing something obvious

Yes. Telling us what the soundcard is. Maker, model numbers.

Also, Win7 had little sound meters in the Sound Control Panel and you could get a good idea of the health of your interface by looking at that. Does Win8 and do they work?

Audacity works with whatever the computer and operating system gives it.


Thanks for your reply. It seems that I’m working with a W7 card which may not be compatible with W8 and I am investigating further. But if that is the case, shouldn’t the Audacity transport simply advance and record silence? Why does it just sit there at time = 0? Anyway best that I establish compatibility of card first. Cheers, Steve