when I record I load the music (mp3) in the first track and l record the voice in second track. I can listen both in the headphones but the voice is with a bit of latency. what can I do to hear both well? I have windows 7 home premium an audacity 2.0.5 and I use the microphone of my camera. thanks a lot for your help and have a nice weekend. greetings.

You are doing overdubbing and singing against an existing backing track. Yes. That’s normal. The backing track is under the control of Audacity, so you can change the latency (recording latency) with an adjustment. Not so the live voice. The live voice has to go through the computer and then come back out again making the voice “one computer late.”

This is where you start getting exotic.'s_on-board_sound_card

We published hardware methods of getting around this and under certain conditions you can get software to help. This is the downside of making a general purpose computer do this.


amigo kozikowski,
thank you very much for the information and your help. thanks again and have a nice weekend.
Edgardo. :smiley: