I’m using Windows 7 and Audacity 2.0.5.

I have imported a sound track. I can play the sound track and hear it just fine.

I want to play the sound track (and hear it) and record a track along with it.

When I record, I can record a track but can not hear the imported track while recording.

How do I get Audacity to play the sound track while recording?

Using overdubbing or software playthrough does play the sound track while recording but the
resulting recording has many problems.

Only overdub should play the sound track while recording.

Make sure you use headphones and in Device Toolbar, select the correct input (for example, the microphone you are singing into) as the recording device.

If it’s a USB microphone, connect it to an empty USB port, not to a USB hub.

If you need more help, please tell us exactly what playback device you are using and exactly what recording device. Give the make and model number of the microphone.