Hi I am useing version 2.0.5 and am recording from my technics organ via Line in. I have the system set to start record when i press a key But as soon as i press record it starts recording and the pause button is flashing i have not had this trouble previously any sugestions please. Roy

The way that I would do it is to not bother with sound activated recording. I’d just press the record button, then start playing, and trim off the excess lead-in when I finish.
There is always a danger when using sound activated recording for music that quiet passages can fall below the threshold level and cause the recording to momentarily stop.

The problem sounds to me like the recording is only just above the activation level (most of the time), so when the level drops just a little, the recording pauses, then the sound goes a little louder and it starts again, causing the playback to rapidly switch between record an pause.
If you really really want to use Sound activated recording, you probably need to either turn up the volume on the keyboard, increase the recording level, or lower the Sound activation level.

Hi The problem is it starts recording before i can get to the keyboard, as soon as press record it starts and the back to start button do’s not work either. Roy

In that case it is the reverse of what I said - the background noise level is at about the same level as the activation level.

As you say that this problem has suddenly started, I’m wondering if your recording input has changed.
If you are using a laptop computer, check in the device toolbar that the recording input is set to “Line in” and is not recording from the internal microphone (and not set to “Sound Mapper”).

Hi Steve I have checked that the line in is selected and there is no noise when i press record but the pause button keeps flashing and record starts nad the return to start button do’se not work IE when i stop the recording i can not fast back to start.may be its my computer.Roy

How exactly did you set that up?

I would click Transport Menu and if you see a tick mark by Sound Activated Recording, click it to turn it off.

Why not press P on your computer keyboard to Pause, R to “arm” recording then P again to actually start recording?


Hi Gale I did as you suggested but the skip to start button still do’s not work but at least the pause button has stopped flashing.Roy

As I said, P, R, P then start playing your keyboard. If you have turned Transport > Software Playthrough off (see above) then recording will be continuous.

Skip to Start does not operate when playing or recording. Press the yellow Stop button when you want to edit the recording.

If that does not help, please describe carefully what you are trying to do.