Help; When hit the record button the pauze button is also activated! What can I do???

You probably have Sound Activated Recording enabled. Click on the Transport menu and make sure Sound Activated Recording is not checked.

– Bill

Thank you Bill, it was as you said. Now the following. When recording from the mac the input level is verry low there’s no sound. the volume is not to raise. When recording from an extend device Auda is overload and if not hijack the device through Audio Hijack it will not play. I try to fight this but till now no result. I need this device to do miny cassettes
Thanks. :smiley:

If you are using an external USB audio input device the Mac input level controls (and thus the Audacity input level controls) will not work.


What external device (make and model, please) are you trying to use and exactly how is it connected to your Mac?

– Bill

Bill; I use a Phillips tape deck. The connection is with a tulupcable, 2poles connect at the back of the deck and 1pole to the mac this I bought in a mac store. When import a file audacity is playing oke.
thank you…

Bill, Many thanks you’ve been of great help. I have downloaded sunflower witch solve the problem with the input device. As I study the link you past on, in Sound input there is no USB AUDIO CODEC. I don’t use USB to import music from the tape deck but an tulpcable with 1 tulp to the mac and 2 at the back of the tapedeck. The problem that now last is that I cannot record from the mac. Playing and record from the mac does not work. I use mac 10.6.8

You should not need Soundflower to record from the Mac’s line input, which it seems you are using. You are making things too complicated. Disable Soundflower. Go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Sound then the Input panel. You should see “Line in Audio Line-in port”. Select that as your input in Sound Preferences. Then open Audacity and go to Audacity > Preferences > Devices and under “Recording” select “Built-in Input” as the device.

– Bill

Sincerly thanks Bill,
I can now record from the tape deck. But not from the Mac or from internet.