Recording from a cassette recorder it seems to put a pause in when ever it wants.Window 7 32 gbts. Also have a slight hum on recording

Which cassette recorder, how did you connect it to your computer and which computer?


What is putting in a pause? Audacity?
Do you mean that it is adding silence, or removing parts? If you mean that Audacity is going into “Pause mode” (not recording), go into the Transport menu and turn off “Sound Activated Recording”.

Both tape recorders and built in computer sound cards often buzz. The solution is to use a high quality tape player, good quality sound card and reasonable quality cables.

It puts in a space as if it’s the end of a track

Check that you don’t have a faulty lead or connector.
If that is not the problem, please provide the information that Koz asked for, plus any additional information that you think may help us to help you.

The Cassette I have bought is called a Super USB Cassette Capture. The contection to the Computer is via USB Port.My Operating system is Windows 7 32gbt

How big a space?
Does the recording continue normally after the space?
Is part of the recording missing where the space occurs, or is it like silence has been inserted into the track?

The space is only a small one but can happen two or three times on one recorded track from the Cassette player. The recording does continue normally after the space

Could you be a bit more specific - are you talking about hundredths of a second, 10 seconds, 30 seconds…?

Yes it’s about a hundredth of a second

It sounds like the computer is not always able to get the audio data from the USB and write it to disk fast enough.
Ensure that the USB Cassette is connected directly to the computer - do not connect through a USB hub.
If your computer is a full size computer, try the USB sockets on the back of the machine.
Avoid running other programs at the same time as recording.
There are some other suggestions that may help with this problem here: