recording You tube in audacity but listening to speaker off

Hi I love recording you tube in audacity. No problem recording and converting to MP3. When doing the recording, I have to increase volume so the playback is loud and clear. My problem is when doing recording, people in my houeshold are annoyed as the you tube being recorded is also loud in the speaker. They asked me to turn it off or down. But if I do this my recording will be faint or weak in volume. Is there a way of muting or turning down or off the speaker when I am doing the recording still keeping a high volume for the you tube music being recorded. I am using windows 10. My speaker is connected to the green socket of my computer. There is one in the front and one in the back. Mine is connected at the back of the pc. I tried plugging in a headphone but audacity wont record. How do I solve this problem of recording you tube with a headphones? Should the headphones be connected at back or front? I have usb headphones. Any tips advice is highly appreciated.thanks

One method of streaming recording is to record the speaker signal. Guaranteed what you hear is what you get. However you can never turn the volume down without damaging the recording.

I think there are other ways of doing that in Windows.


Headphones should work exactly like speakers so I don’t understand what’s going on.

Most (separate) speakers have a volume control knob and an on/off switch. And they should at-least have a power supply that you can unplug.

thanks so much for the advice. I managed to use my headphones but I could only use the green socket at the back. The front one was not working. Any idea how to get the front one green speaker socket to work. thanks

The short answer is no, it could be almost anything. If you are referring to a USB socket that you have not used before, it could even be that it is not even connected to the mother board. The socket on the back is probably mounted directly on the mother board. Front sockets are usually connected via a cable.

The socket in the front is for the 3mm plug not USB. It’s the green speaker socket. I can only use the sockets at the back of PC. Just wondering how to get the front ones working as well. Thanks

I mentioned USB because you said previously “I have usb headphones”.
The case is the same for analog (3mm) headphone sockets - on the back of the computer they are usually connected directly to the motherboard. On the front they are usually connected by a cable to the board. It’s possible that the socket on the front may not be connected to the motherboard.

We are not really able to help with hardware issues as we don’t have physical access to the hardware.