Recording won't start

I’m using Windows 10 and trying to record audio from a cassette tape. I start the tape and click the record button and the recording doesn’t start. I’ve used Audacity in the past and never had this problem. Any advice?

Which Audacity? What’'s the tape machine and how is it connected?

Audacity will freeze if there is no sound coming down the connection you told it you wanted.

Audacity gets its sound from Windows not the tape machine. Go down the Windows sound control panels and see if the sound is getting that far.


Thanks! I messed with the sound control panel and it did the trick. Much appreciated!

I"m curious…which input settings do people usually use within Audacity when recording in from a tape machine? I tweaked the sound control panel and it matched what I had within Audacity but wasn’t sure if I was using the right setting.