recording without mixing

Hi, I would like to say a big thankyou to the audacity team and contributors, this is a very user friendly programme.
I’m new to DAW recording. I’ve recorded tracks from my sequencer on separate Audacity tracks ready for a final mix. I want to record some guitar parts direct input not mic, I also want to hear the parts I’ve already layed down as I’m performing. However, I don’t want a mix of the tracks I’ve already layed down being played on the guitar and vocal track I’m laying down, this is whats happening at the moment. Is it possible to do this. Thanks.

I’m replying to my own message because I found a solution. I don’t want to be someone who just
joins a site to ask a question and is never to be seen again. I am running an M media audiophile
2496 sound card which comes supplied with a software with a mixer control panel. This is a great card for under 50 quid, It has midi in and out, analogue stereo in an outs and s/pdif in and outs for digital sources. It can also record at better than cd quality dependant on the power of your cpu. I set the i/o on my soundcard in the first of the four mixer banks to monitor mixer and in the fourth bank to h/w in 1/2, the settings on audacity in preferences are set to my soundcard m-audio delta multi, to mono and also to play other tracks whilst recording a new one. This seems to have solved the problem. I hope this may help someone. cheers.