Recording without laptop microphone [SOLVED]

I am using Window 10 and cannot figure out how to record anything through my mixer board without the built in microphone on the laptop also picking up sound. If I disable the microphone through the control panel I get the following message when I try to record something. “Error while opening sound device. Check recording device, settings and sample rate.” If I leave the microphone enabled I get a lot of noise in the recording. It picks up guitar and singing sounds from the room as well as what comes through the mixer. Any suggestions?

What kind of mixer and how is it connected?


Have you tried setting the input the mixer is connected to as Recording Device in Device Toolbar? It sounds like you have recording device set to your internal microphone.


I am using a Yamaha MG XU and just discovered the driver was missing. Problem solved, thanks so much.

Thanks so much. Sometimes all you need is a little reminder of the obvious. There was no driver for my Yamaha Mixer. Thanks again.