Recording without any speakers or microphone (windows 10)

How can I can record any audio being played on a windows (by soft like skype, zoom etc) based virtual machine on cloud(no microphone or speaker), running windows 10, using Audacity Basically I have a server in place and I want to control the recording remotely using requests.
I have tried recording using wasapi, but recording stops as soon as i disconnect from the server, as my remote speakers(of my machine) get disconnected.

Audacity is not suitable for use on a server. Audacity is not security hardened, so if the server is connected to a public network, Audacity may expose security vulnerabilities on the server. Also, Audacity requires that the system has a fully working sound system (there must be an I/O audio device).

All that and it’s not recommended for Skype or other chat or conferencing just because it doesn’t work very well (or at all).

We’ve been known to put a stand-alone machine onto a conference whose sole job is to record the conference. It has no microphone—it’s a silent partner. Then record everything. It’s the only way to guarantee you get all the voices. The only down side is you need to remember to start it at the beginning of the conference.

This is a common request. Write back if you get something to work.