Recording with Steinberg UR22 Mkll

I’m using v.2.4.2 with Windows 10. My XLR mic with phantom power on, isn’t recording properly even though my Steinberg interface is recognised. All I get is a ‘robotic’ crackling noise distorting the recorded audio. But recording is okay with the laptop’s internal mic. Advice would be appreciated.

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Does the Steinberg interface have a place for headphones and is the sound OK there?

Are you using cloud storage and have a cloud “drive” mounted in your machine?

Do you have any chat app (Zoom) running, even in the background?

Does the Window recording sound control panel have a bouncing sound meter?


There isn’t any sound coming through the headphones. And there isn’t any other chat app open & I’m not using ‘cloud’ storage. There isn’t a Window sound meter bouncing either. The only monitoring is the Audacity meter in the toolbar, which indicates some input even when I’m silent.