Recording with speakers sounds a little weird

So I’ve been trying to record audio from my computer, but it sounds a little weird. The device is set to “Speakers (Realtek High Definition)” by the way. I am completely new to this. I did a little test to show what I mean. The first file is the direct file from (just a random one—user scorpion67890), and the second is when I recorded it with Audacity. I can’t quite tell what is wrong with it, but it feels a little hollow. Idk, does anyone know of any way to fix this. I’ve tried most everything on the tutorial page that Audacity offers. Any help is appreciated. Thank you very much for reading! Sorry if I seem a little ignorant…

You do need to come up with a damage sample that’s not almost 100% special effects production. I hear no difference between them.

When you self-record like this, you are running the sound through all the playback filters, effects and enhancements and then the sound turns around and comes back through all the recording filters, effects and enhancements.

Windows Enhanced Services is one common one. It’s there to help your voice through noise and interference during conferences and communication.

Dig in the Windows sound settings.


Audacity doesn’t apply filters, effects or enhancements during recording. You got whatever Windows is doing to it.


Thank you very much for the help. I’ve read through what you linked, and tried changing my input to WASAPI loopback. It seems to have helped marginally, but idk, it still seems echoey, or like it is far away or something. I’ll have to tinker with it some more. Thanks!

scorpion67890’s original is mono …
whereas your mp3 has had a stereo-reverb effect added , probably by a real-time pseudo-stereo effect which can be turned off : see “padded cell” post here …