recording with N73 PLZ HELP

hi every1
i recorded some sessions for my work in arabic with N73 but there is a big problem…the sound really sucks low sound and not sharp and clear i dont know how to improve it,after i recorded it i converted its extention from .AMR to .wav the session is in arabic language i dont know what could i do could any1 help me coz i really need these sessions :cry: ,this is one of my sessions as example u can download it and check it if u can hlp me

Using Audacity 1.3.4, there’s an effect called Leveller. I used settings of “Heavier” and “-60dB” and it improved it a tiny bit. It’s louder, that’s for sure.

But seeing as how it was recorded with a cell phone, it’s not going to ever be much better than that. You can’t magically add quality to a file once it’s already been recorded.