Recording with just line in

Audacity: 2.0.0 Windows 7 x 64

I’m trying to record cassette tapes with a cable running from the headphone jack of the tape player to the line in/microphone jack on my laptop. The recording works but it also records everything going on in the room and I can’t figure out how to just record the line in and not from the internal mic. I tried muting the mic but it muted the line in too.


You should be able to use the Device Toolbar to select Line-In and not Stereo-Mix, Wave-Out, or What-U-Hear. Those three might give you multiple sounds instead of just the one you want.

Did your computer instructions say you had one input that could switch between Stereo Line-In and Mono Mic-In? Most Windows laptops can’t do that. Are you getting real stereo? Do you have a tape with different instruments on both sides and do you still have both sets of instruments after you capture the work?