Recording with Jack

I’m having issues recording in Audacity using Jack. I’ve started jack with ALSA and selected my mic (usually hw0). When I attempt to record there isn’t any input. I must be missing something, but I’m a total noob with all this.

Any help would be much appreciated, looking forward to recording using Audacity, simple, effective and awesome.

I’d like to add that I’ve also obviously selected Jack in Audacity.

Are you using Jack Control (qjackctl) ?
What options do you have set in the Device Toolbar?
Are there other options when Jack Sound System is selected as the “host”?

I’m using Jack Control.

At the moment, I see Jack as an option and the only other options after are “system” and then “system” again.

Let’s take Audacity out of the equation for a moment.

Ensure that you are using headphones and not speakers.
Open “Connect” in qjackctl
Connect “system output port” to “System input port”.
Can you hear the microphone in the headphones?