Recording with Digitech VX-400

Hello Board,

I´m a Singer/Songwriter working with a Digitech VX-400 to record my demos and inspirations during my jamsessions.
With the VX-400 comes a recording software that I am not that happy with. So now I am checking for alternatives.

Does anybody know if Audacity will work with the VX-400? It has a USB Interface to a Computer and can send up to 4 Tracks via the USB.

Thanks in advice!!!


Describe the computer.



its a Acer Notebook. WinXP-Home running on it.
Intel Centrino Duo, 2Gig RAM etc.


If nobody posts back in a timely manner, then nobody’s had any experience with your equipment. Although Audacity will manage 16 audio tracks, getting multi tracks into and out of Audacity is not simple. There is no standard answer to the hardware question about how to do that.

One usual problem is Audacity will only manage one Sound Device. Many makers claim eight tracks, but present them as four stereo tracks and Audacity will only see one of the four at a time.