Recording with Denon DS1

Windows 10 v2.3.3

Hi, im not very good with these things so please bear with. I’m trying to record a mix from two turntables via Denon DS1 to my laptop.

I can’t however seem to get a recording signal from both turntables at the same time regardless of what line inputs i have it set to on Audacity?


I found this on [u]Amazon[/u]:

Do you require a mixer for the DS1?

> You will need a mixer (any brand) with 2+ channels.

Can I record in Serato DJ with the DS1?

No not correctly.
> There is no Aux Input featured inside the interface and the audio is mixed externally in a DJ mixer, not in the Serato DJ software. You will have to connect a secondary output from your DJ mixer to a Line Input on your computer or use a recording device and software (DAW). This is a limitation to the interface and DJ software as the audio is mixed outside of both.

We may need to know more about your hardware setup…

If you have a “traditional” analog DJ setup with a mixer you can plug it onto line-in on a regular soundcard, or if you’re using a laptop with no line-in you can get an inexpensive USB interface with line inputs (line the Beringer UCA202).

A Dj mixer with a USB output would also work. Or just a regular USB mixer if you have separate phono preamps, or if you have phono preamps built into your turntables.

If you are using virtual DJ software, things could get more complicated although with an entirely software based setup you can (usually) record the mix that’s coming out of your soundcard…