Recording with behringer podcastudio

Hi, everytime I try to record it seems that it is not getting a complete signal from the mic as it isn’t loud enough and when I turn up the level and gain it gets distorted and you can hardly hear the playback. But everything comes out fine through the headphones but playback volume through the headphones it is barely there. All connections were checked. Thanks!

OK. Baby steps.

Can you adjust the mixer volume so you get the four flashing green lights on the right-hand sound meter (forget Audacity for a minute)?

Connect the mixer and the digital adapter to the computer and then start or restart Audacity.

Use the Audacity device toolbar and select USB Audio CODEC for a recording input.

It may not be called that, but I think it is. Do you get it that far?

Press record (red button on the control panel). Talk. Do you get the bouncing Audacity sound meters and blue waves building left to right? Let’s stop there until you catch up.


Everything is good until I hit record, the meters only go up to just less than half way and the blue waves are flat and I can’t hear anything through the headphones or the computers speaker if I switch the devices.

Anyone has issues with the berhinger podcastudio, all the lights on the mixer is fine, but when I record audacity is barely getting any signal. I would turn the levels or even the gain all the way up and all I would hear back is very low volume of distortion.

I’ve merged this post with your previous topic because it seems that your set-up has never worked correctly for you.

As koz asked previously, Can you adjust the mixer volume so you get the four flashing green lights on the right-hand sound meter (forget Audacity for a minute)?

Yes I am able to.

OK, so connect the mixer to your computer with the USB cable, then open the Windows Sound Control Panel and open the “Recording” tab.

Do you see the USB mixer listed there? (it may be called something different, but I expect it will mention “USB” in the name)

connect the mixer to your computer with the USB cable

Isn’t this the system that has a USB device between the mixer and the computer? What is that device? I’m familiar with the Behringer UCA-202.

Mine are white. I know they make a red version but I’ve never seen a black one. Is there a part number on it? If it’s like the others in that series, you can use that to do troubleshooting, too.

Assuming it’s the same:
Switch the Monitor ON and plug headphones or earbuds in. Turn the volume control up.

Can you hear the sound OK?

Tell us what happened.


I don’t see the usb for the mixer there, only saying microphone usb audio codec.

I presume that you are replying to my post, and you don’t see the USB for the mixer in the Windows Sound Control Panel. Is that right?

Assuming that’s what you mean:

  1. Close the Windows Sound Control Panel.
  2. Disconnect the USB mixer (you should really use “Safely Remove Hardware” before unplugging, but if you can’t find the icon, just unplug, then wait a few moments before the next step).
  3. Re-open the Windows Sound Control Panel.
    Is the “microphone USB audio codec” still there, or has it gone? If it has gone, then that means that Windows is using the name “microphone USB audio codec” for your USB mixer. (Windows can’t actually see what is connected, it can only see limited identification information about the USB audio chip, and from that it tries to guess what the device is).
  1. Disconnect the USB mixer

Please note from the forum message scramble, I don’t think the poster has a USB mixer. I think they have a plain analog mixer and a USB device similar to the UCA-202.

I think it could be very valuable to know a lot more about that device.