Recording with audacity

I am using Win10 with Audacity 3.2.0
Further An Akai MK4 through USB playing Hybrid Synth through Presonus Audiobox and the generic Realtec soundcard.
When I use a regular synthe (Juno) with USB, it all works well. When I use the MK4, the only way to get a signal in audacity, is through Windows WASAPI. This makes it impossible though, to get seperated tracks through mixing, I am basically stuck with recording the sound levels live. I have no idea why I can not get the input, which is obviously there, into seperate tracks. I have tried about every possible combination of recording in playback devices.
Does anyone have an idea for me?

^Bump, same problem

Although it is on the wish list, Audacity does not currently support USB-Midi instruments.

Thanks for the reply, I must admit, I do not completely understand though. There is nothing Midi about the MK4, it is a pure USB connection to a virtual synth (correct me if I am wrong, I’m not very tech-savvy). Windows shows that the signal is there and with the WASPI it receives the sound. So why can’t this go into a single track?

From what limited information I can find, the MK4 is USB MIDI. It’s sending out MIDI messages (not audio). Audacity can only record USB audio.

Some keyboards have both, but usually the USB-output is MIDI only and if the keyboard also generates sound/audio the audio its often analog-only.