Recording with Audacity

I cannot record with any USB device. Here is exactly what happens.

  1. plug in USB turntable
  2. Open Audacity
  3. Go to control panel> hardware and sound> change sound system>recording> highlight microphone USB audio codec> properties>levels
  4. now I set the level to 100% and change the little speaker from mute to where it recognizes the sound.
  5. in less then 10 seconds the little speaker icon goes to mute and the sound level goes to “0”
  6. Audacity now hears nothing (for the short time I have sound level Audacity does hear the sound).

How do I get the sound level from shutting off? and the little icon from going to mute?

Get the USB device recognised in Windows before launching Audacity.

Where you looked at “Levels” in Windows Sound for the turntable, also look at the “Advanced” or “Enhancements” tabs for the turntable (if any) and turn off any special effects (there probably aren’t any).

Then launch Audacity, choose the USB audio CODEC for the turntable as recording device in Device Toolbar and turn up the Audacity recording level slider (by the mic symbol) in Mixer Toolbar:

If that does not help, reboot the computer. USB recording devices don’t work indefinitely without reboot.

Ensure Skype is shut down, as that can interfere with recording and playback levels