recording with audacity. controling file size

Hi. I new so if you guys could keep you answered detailed.

Basically, I use wix for my website and their website builder only allows 10MB audio file uploaded. my audio files I record with Audacity are usually from 50MB and higher.

How can I manage file size yet still keep the quality. Files size needs to be no more then 10MB. Maybe I could record in segments?

If i can do that, how can I set it up so there is no time laps when starting a new segment.

so its continues recording just separates the file as soon as it reaches 10MB. Thanks a lot for all answers.

Perfect uncompressed audio is large - see

If you want to export WAV at 16-bit 44100 Hz, 10 MB is only one minute of stereo audio or two minutes of mono audio. How long is the audio you need - 5 minutes?

FLAC gives you twice as much time per MB as WAV, but your users may not be able to play FLAC in their web browser.

Try installing LAME then exporting MP3. At standard 128 kbps quality that will give you 10 minutes for 10 MB. If the quality is too low, click Options… when you export and choose VBR and a higher target bit rate which may give you 5 minutes for 10 MB.

You can use Analyze > Regular Interval Labels… to add labels at regular spaces in your complete recording then File > Export Multiple… to export multiple files for each labelled segment. How it plays depends on how you embed audio on your site and the user’s web browser but I think you’ll be wasting your time trying to get separate files playing seamlessly.

Another consideration is - do your users have fast enough internet connections to stream WAV files without dropouts? MP3 is a much safer choice.