Recording with ATR2100

Hey guys, I got an ATR2100 USB microphone this year for Christmas but I am having issues. When I first installed it on my laptop along with Audacity things worked great. When I recorded the sound was coming from my headphones which are connected to the mic like it should and all. At the time however I didn’t know how to import tracks and stuff so I messed around with settings and now it won’t work anymore. If I select the proper recording device it gives me the whole Latency thing and I can’t record. Any other device has the sound coming from my speakers which is NOT what I want. It makes no sense however because it worked before. I tried uninstalling my microphone and installing it again, I tried the same with Audacity but nothing works. It works fine on my desktop but said desktop is not connected to the internet anymore which makes it hard for me to record certain songs. I run Windows 7 on my laptop and I really wish someone could help.

Using the Devices Toolbar, it should be possible to accept sound from and send sound to the microphone – also known as the USB Sound Device. It should not be necessary to manage the playback sound if you’re just listening to yourself.

Your setup looks something like this, right?

That may get a little complex if you routinely go back and forth between regular computer user and musician. If all you’re going to do is listen to YouTube, then you probably need to plug the headphones into the computer and ignore the microphone.

This is how to set up your system for latency-free recording and overdubbing. This is one of the setups that allow you to do that. This is one of the three hardware configurations that I personally set up and wrote about.


You should never be recording music performances with speakers. It’s almost impossible to avoid interactions, feedback and echoes that way. Always headphones, and in the case of overdubbing, always plugged into the microphone, not the computer


My headphones are plugged in my microphone that’s not the issue. What happens is that when I record I normally import the instrumental track and then record another track while that one plays so it is in sync however when I click record instead of hearing the music in my headphones I hear it from the laptop speakers which absolutely makes no sense since it shouldn’t be doing that. At first I thought my settings were wrong and they were, but when I chose my microphone instead of the one that is in my laptop already it gives me the latency issue thing and won’t let me record. So all in all I can’t record on my laptop. But all is the same on my desktop and it works fine… I don’t get it. >.< I’ve looked up what you showed me but it still doesn’t work.

What are the output (playback) device options in the Device Toolbar?

For mine it says Speakers and Dual Headphones. I don’t have the option for only headphones.

“Speakers and Dual Headphones” - that is the one and only option?

Have a look in the Windows Mixer Control Panel:
Ensure that disconnected and disabled devices are shown.

What devices are listed in the playback settings?
What devices are listed in the recording settings?
Are any of the devices greyed out?

There are two delays. The one you can cure is Recording Latency. That’s when you sing in perfect time to an existing track, but it plays back all wacky. That one is just a setting to play your existing track early, so everything accumulates into the show in perfect time.

The Live Action Latency is not so graceful. That’s the one that feeds your microphone back to yourself in real time so you can hear the theatrical mix in your headphones. That one is always ‘one computer late’ if you listen to the computer sound, but in perfect time if you listen to the microphone’s internal system directly.

This can get seriously complex if you like to record internet music. Setting up multiple recursive pathways in the computer (required) can cause both your microphone headphone signal and your computer late signal to go to your headphones. Does that sound like what you have?

Recording Internet Music and Performing Live Music require very different setups.