Recording with an external source

Well, I’m trying to record my electric guitar’s amp, and it even has a USB cord, specifically made for recording. Yet, I’m wondering how to get Audacity to detect it, because as of now, It’s not.

Which version of Windows?

Windows 7. And dude, thank you so much! You are gonna be helping me very much, well, if you can help me lol…

Audacity checks for USB when it starts. Try restarting Audacity and then Edit > Preferences > Devices > and see if you have a USB Thing listed there. It’s not unusual for the name of the “USB Thing” to be different from your amp. If you can’t tell what’s happening, unplug the Amp and restart Audacity. Did one of the devices vanish? That’s yours.

If you never see a USB Thing listed, then there may be something wrong with the Amp. Try a different USB socket on the computer.


Well, update: That didn’t work, the Amp is brand new and fine, and all my USB ports are fine and oppirational…

Some USB devices are sensitive to being Stereo or Mono. Change the Audacity recording preferences to mono and see if the USB connection appears. I have a microphone that does this.

You may need to Transport > Rescan… to get it to show up after you change the settings.