Recording with an external soundcard to pioneer djm 250?

Is it possible to record using audacity with an eternal soundcard that links to a pioneer djm 250 mixer and pioneer 1000’s mk1?
I’m thinking of getting something like the native instruments audio 2 or 6.

You don’t need anything fancy. The Master Out RCAs will plug right into one of these…

UCA202 USD $30.

That’s my mixer and Windows machine.

This is assuming your computer is going to do nothing but record your turntable music sets. That’s important. People in the next sentence go: “…and I want to record Skype and integrate YouTube videos into my mix and solve world peace.”

There you lose us. You can’t go back and forth into and out of the computer once you start doing this. Under certain controlled conditions, you can do overdubbing. The Behringer is one of the devices we certified for perfect production overdubbing sound-on-sound.


Yeah simply just to record mixes.
That’s exactly what I was looking for, thanks :slight_smile:

I have the soundcard and it is recording fine but the sound quality is terrible, even at a really low imput volume. It sounds really distorted.
I have adapters on the lead running from my mixer to the sound card because i bought the wrong cable, could this be a reason why the quality is so bad?

Any help will be most appreciated.