Recording with a Telicom MIC-98-006-01

Hi everybody,
I’m writing because I want to use the mic in subject (Telicom MIC-98-006-01) in a “carpc” application.
Can I connect this mic directly to my sound card’s “mic in”?
Here is the datasheet:
I’ve tried to use the test circuit shown at the end of the page, but it doesn’t work well. Actually it has a very low volume (even raising volume up and using mic boost) with a big amount of noise.
Thank you in advance for any help.

PS: sorry for my bad english

The data sheet is not attached, but if the microphone does not work when plugged directly into your sound card then you have probably answered your own question.

could it be that the mic needs to be externally powered? (aka phantom power)

But the “mic in” port doesn’t have already a +5v power line?

Some mics require 48V phantom power