Recording with a non-USB microphone

Evenin’ gents. Get ready for a stupid question!

Used Audacity for aeons, had a cheapie $10 Labtec mic I could plug in to the Mic outlet, not a problem in the world, composed symphonies on awesome on crappy equipment (my philosophy). Joy.

Upgraded to an Acer computer with Windows 7 (I can stream video at the rate of actual film now!). Got Audacity 2.0. It’s having a [difficult] time even finding my mic. Windows has got it fine: shows up in the audio-fixin’s tray, can adjust volume on it, mic boost, all that. Audacity, try as I might, won’t find it, which I feel is due to the fact that it’s not a “device”. It previously had worked before (never recorded if not plugged in, it could detect the f****r), but now seems to be unwilling/unable to find this. If anyone has solutions/ideas/hilarious ways to mock my hilarious ignorance (hilariously), I’d be much obliged.

Oh, and I have chocolate.

Elf patched for a family show…

Thank you for the reply. Could you please tell me a bit more? I’m unfamiliar with such terminology. Thank you!

A mic is normally plugged into an “input”. Do you have to switch port that between audio in and out?

You have to choose it in Audacity at “Input Device” in Device Toolbar. If it is not listed in Device Toolbar, make sure it is enabled ( ).