recording with a keyboard [SOLVED]

Hello to all

I have a problem in recording by keyboard

my configuration is:

M-audio fast track
two inputs: for microphone (XLR)
for guitar (jack 1/4’‘)
USB cable for connect to pc
pc windows 7
keyboard exit for jack 1/4’’

no problem with microphone
for keyboard; With a cable jack 1/4’’ - jack 1/4’’ I connect
keyboard to m-audio fast track; this confguration works good
with Jokosher, for example, but doesn’t work with Audacity;
no recording, only a background noise

Connecting keyboard with a jack adapter 1/4’’ - 1/8’’ directly to pc it works
but I can listen keyboard only with a latency in return (not very useful, indeed…)

How can I record and listen in same time (better using M-audio fast track)?

Probably you need to open Audacity Device Toolbar, set playback and recording devices to the Fast Track, then configure Fast Track so that it sends both inputs to be recorded and lets you monitor both inputs in its headphones port.

You may want to read the Fast Track manual: .


Hello Gale
I know, already setted. But your answer suggested to me to re-install driver and re-configure m-audio like default dispositives, both mic and output.
so, now, it works !!
thanks so much