recording with a cloned drive


Just had my 2011 mini hard drive die on me (regular occurrence with this model). However, I’m operating the machine from an external drive loaded with mountain lion. I have a few lps that I need to digitize and return this weekend. Could there be a decrease in sound quality, or should I wait and take the mini back to Apple for repairs (which could take up to a week). Thanks.

Firewire Drive? Absolutely. I do it all the time. USB Drive? Definite maybe.

USB has a global reputation in video circles for not being up to the rigors of capture. It’s just too sloppy, or it was in the earlier incantations. If you have the newer USB3 and a USB3 drive, then you’re probably OK, but since you appear to be limping with an older Mini, then no.

You won’t get a quality problem as much as outright failure. The transmission will not be able to keep up with the required bitstream and you’ll either get holes in the performance or a crash.


Thanks Koz, I’ve decided to wait until i get my mac repaired.

(regular occurrence with this model)

Maybe this particular model. How do you know this?

At the risk of jinxing myself, my Mini has been running well for years as have the pile of Minis of all ages we have at work. I know people running Minis as servers, etc. How many times as yours bit the dust?

Do you have animals? we have to take my sister’s computer apart once a year and takeout the dust and hairs. My Mini has little rubber feet I stuck to the bottom to increase the air flow. The vent holes are along the edge of the cabinet and it’s easy to block them by accident. They don’t like that.

Is it always the hard drive? Did you sit your mini on top of a powerful speaker? Vibration? There’s got to be something environmental. These are generally pretty robust machines.