Recording with 2 mics

I am using Audacity to record a personal podcast each week. I have purchased two Logitech H390 over-the-head mics. Both of these mics are USB plug & play format. A few weeks ago, I plugged both sets of mics into my USB ports, in an attempt to record a podcast that would feature me & a guest.

As I tested the system, I found out that one mic would only be picked up by Audacity. I am puzzled what to do. Is there some sort of software issue I need to address to remedy this problem? Is this more of a hardware type of issue? If I switch to another style of mic (like a Snow-globe), will I have the same issues?

Any help will be appreciative.

We used to just turn you down cold because only Macs and Linux could do that through driver tricks. Somebody at the office suggested Kristal Audio Engine as a solution for Windows.

Windows will not natively do that. Only one USB sound device at a time. Audacity can only do what Windows does.