Hello to all audacious Audacity users,

First post to this forum.

Im running WIN11 and ver 3.2.2. I am using a USBAudio 2.0 mic to record.

I need a 10ft USB cable to record. PLAYBACK sounds - mostly speech - very “rushed”, as if words were being slammed together with no pauses or gaps, as in natural speech. WITHOUT the 10ft cable, speech is perfect. Ive fooled with latency with no joy.

Your assistance is, eagerly, solicited.

Phil, WF3W

The reliable limit for USB cables is 2m, ~6.5 feet …"cable+length"

Apparently here are powered USB cables, (analogous to repeater-stations),
which enable longer range, (but I’ve never used one).

One of the serious problems of a USB microphone is the inability to get away from a noisy computer. If you can tell your computer is on just by listening, it’s going to be a long day…



One of the awkward work-arounds to gain cable distance is use an externally-powered USB hub every six feet with just one output connected. Chain them. Yes, that means you need wall power every six feet, too.

With that kind of restriction, you rapidly talk yourself into a conventional XLR microphone and XLR interface. You can separate those by 50 feet or more.

You can also have your XLR microphone working into a tiny sound mixer and the mixer is XLR connected to a recorder 50 feet away.

Or, as we frequently suggest, stop trying to record on the computer.


Some “active repeater” USB cables claim 10m (~30 feet) with one USB hub power source …