recording whilst listening to another track

trying to record a track whilst listening to another through the headphones
selected rubix 44 microphone and rubix speakers
when I try and record a new track the 2 red timeline triangles appear and it freezes
so unable to record without selecting another speaker on the computer which is no good as you’d need 2 headphones on
very frustrating and no help from the manual or from you tube for this scenario
help please
regards Ed

Are you using the “Windows WASAPI” host?
I’m not sure, I did really understand your problem. But I can tell you, that WASAPI has a “feature” to stop recording, when nothing seems to come over microphone. Or the playback track reaches a piece of silence. Is it like that?

I would suggest to try MME host. Same results?

we have it on mme
we have a roland rubix 44 so select the rubix 44 mic input all good
there are 3 speakers you can choose realtek high definition,realtek digital output and rubix 44 which would feed through to the headphones which is what we want we can get it to record using the other selected speakers but means we have to plug phones into the computer to hear the backing track
The record button works then and we can overdub and record other tracks but the point is we need the backing track and the new vocal to come through the head set and it just doesn’t want to record in that mode the 2 red triangle timeline flags come up as mentioned

using windows 10 and audacity 2.3.3

there is a similar post where the person had the same thing occurring red flags and wouldn’t record a second track I don’t really want to give up and find another program like they did.
the bottom line is I have the rubix 44, Rode mike, audacity 2.3.3, windows 10, we need to hear the original track and new vocal both through the headset so the singer can pitch by hearing both through the headset
mme is selected rubix 44 mike selected rubix 44 output speaker selected
very very frustrating
regards Ed

2.3.3 windows 10
if someone could address this post before i give up on this altogether that would be great I’d like to get audacity working properly
mme, rubix mike in, rubix speakers but when the rubix speaker option is chosen unable to record and listen to backing track and new vocal in the headphones the red flags come up and it freezes.
Have made some recordings ok but need to get the headphone working when doing overdub (overdub is on)
seems to work when another speaker is selected but we need the headphones
please help Cheers Ed

Go into the Windows Sound settings. In the Recording tab, set the sample rate for the Rubix 44 to “44100”. In the Playback tab, do the same.
Launch, or restart Audacity and check that the “Project Rate” (lower left corner) is set to 44100.
In Audacity’s “Transport Menu > Transport options”, ensure that “Software Playthrough” is Off (not selected).

Can it be like this: as I read in the manual of rubix44 the “rubix44 headphone jack” only plays the computers playback, when the rubix is in a recording situation.

Some questions:
Can you hear your instrument over the headphones when Rubix is not connected with the computer?
Can you hear your instrument over the headphones when Rubix is connected with the computer?

@steve: the RUBIX has also 48kHz and 96kHz support
@steve: Why not switch on the “Software Playthrough”? It would route the incoming signal to the Rubix-Out, or?

I don’t have a Rubix 44, but recent versions of Windows appear to only support “duplex” audio (recording and playback at the same time) if the recording sample rate and playback sample rate are the same. Unfortunately, Windows also frequently sets them to different sample rates by default.

As in my original post, but try 48000 in all three settings.

Software is much slower than hardware. If it works at all, the sound routed to the output through software playthrough will be noticeably delayed (like an echo). Depending on what the Rubix 44 does internally, it could cause a “feedback loop” that could either result in very loud screeching, or stop the recording (I don’t have a Rubix 44 to test).

I’m looking in the Rubix reference manual and I don’t see that. Where exactly does it say it?

I hope, i’m not right… But its written like in the BEHRINGER XENYX ". RUBIX-Manual: “…Using the RubixPlaying BackConnect the Rubix to a computer or iPad using the USB cable. By connecting headphones or amplified speakers as shown in the illustration, you can monitor playback from your DAW software or the sound from an instrument or audio device connected to the Rubix…”

There is no word about “together with instrument signal” or something like that. On the XENYX I thought at first, that its a joke, but INSTRUMENT monitoring is silenced during COMPUTER playback return to the monitors.

I did not know this about 44.1kHz. So its better he first trys with this sample frequence.

What does that mean? What does the “BEHRINGER XENYX” have to do with this? The Rubix 44 is made by Roland, not Behringer :confused:
I still can’t find that in the Rubix reference manual.

@steve: Perhaps my english is to bad… what I wanted to say is that this “or” is exactly, what they (ROLAND) want to write in the RUBIX-manual: “You can here computer or instrument”.

I learned from Xenyx manual that this is an “XOR”. And in the RUBIX manual it is the same formulation.

Waaw, thanks for the detailed answers! It was your reply about projectfrequencies that did the job: two times 44100, in and out the same. Had to look for it down in the windows basement, but now it works properly digitally. No hum, no hiss, just music and fun!
Gear: Acer PC+ W10; Soundcraft notebook 12FX. Shure 58 mics; checking my old Beringer C1 later.