Recording while using Karaoke function.

Dear Forum,
Last week I have mailed Gail,but all problems are gone,Audicity is back on my iMac! But there rest a little questions,first when I putin a music number,
and use the Karako function,how can I record the number,without the voice.I play that fuction,but I never findt the stripping number back.

The “Karaoke function” in Audacity is just a simple tool that allows displaying lyrics from label tracks (see here for details:

Removing lyrics is sometimes possible using the “Vocal Removal” effect, but often this will not work. Whether it works or not depends on how the song was recorded and mixed. See here for more information:

Many songs are available as “karaoke versions” (without the main voice) on the Internet, or may be purchased from retail outlets such as Amazon. Buying a professionally made karaoke track is often the best, and sometimes the only way to obtain a good karaoke (instrumental) version of a track.


Given our previous correspondence I am not sure if Steve’s reply answers you or not.

Are you following the Vocal Removal steps at ? That is - are you using Effect > Vocal Remover that is built into Audacity?

Press the red Record button to record.

If you want to play another track while recording a new one, choose Afspelen (Transport Menu) > Overdub then record. If Overdub has a tick mark by it then you can record while playing other tracks.