Recording while listening

Hi guys,

I just got me a line 6 POD and using audacity to record.
I got one problem.

When I play I play unamplified through the POD into the computer.
When I listen back I got the result but I’d like to hear myself amplified when I play.
Has anyone got a solution?

<<<line 6 POD>>>

Which one? There seems to be about thirty of them.

The POD I saw has a place to put headphones and a volume control. It’s highly recommended that you put the headphones there instead of the computer because it’s simpler.

You should not be performing live with room loudspeakers running. That’s an invitation to echoes and feedback.

Is the question really how to play one track while you’re recording another?


No, I think you misunderstood me.
Sorry for that.

I love recording using my Pocket POD/POD 2.0 but I can’t hear myself while recording.
When I play I only hear the dry strings, but my recordings sound good.

My question is, is there a way that I can record while hearing myself amplified without headphones?
I’m using the direct out of my Pocket Pod into my laptop.

So, is there anyway I can get direct playback from my computer boxes while recording.