Recording whats coming out of my speakers

Is there a way to record what ever comes out of my speakers?

basically, i saw my brothers band, i recorded it on video, and put it on youtube. i want to record the sound of the Youtube video, and make it into an MP3.

is there a way to do this with this program?

i also don’t want to run a wire coming from my line out to my line in.

i don’t have a line in on my sound card (please, keep the flaming to yourself), i only use the computer for World of Warcraft… hahahah

You have not said what OS you are using. Many mixer controls on Windows will allow this. You tell Audacity to look at the mixer output.

If you have recorded the band on video tape, how did you get that into the computer if you don’t have a line in (video and audio)? If you recorded it using a webcam and the mic in the laptop (or a digital camera that does video), then you can probably extract the audio from the video file you uploaded to youtube, instead of trying to capture it during playback from youtube. The quality will probably be better that way too.