recording what you hear[SOLVED]

Linux mint with audacity 2.0.0 from repositories.
I am trying to record a greek video stream lesson, as I am using the inbuilt microphone ane speaker on my laptop there is a lot of background noise from the fan etc. I cannot see an optionin preferences to record ‘what uou hear’, so that internal systems only used.

Many thanks

“What U Hear” is an option that is specific to Creative Labs SoundBlaster cards on Windows.
For Linux, if you have “PulseAudio” (as Mint does) the option to record what is playing through the sound card is called “Monitor” and you can access it through the PulseAudio volume control (pavucontrol). Unfortunately pavucontrol is not installed by default, but it is available in the repository so you can install it with Synaptic or whatever package manager you prefer to use. See the PulseAudio section here:

hi Steve

Thankyou for your prompt reply.

Installing pavucontrol went well. However on following the guide you included, I could not find a function to open the pulse audio volume control, I launched it from menu/applications/sound and video. With that open I was able to record using the monitor option as you indicated.

Thanks for you assistace with this problem. Is it possible to open pulse audio from within audacity?


We’ll need to be careful about terminology so as to avoid confusion.

“PulseAudio” is the sound system.
“PulseAudio Volume Control” is the software for configuring PulseAudio.

PulseAudio Volume Control cannot be opened from Audacity. I’d suggest making a launcher for it.

thanks for your help Steve