recording what the PC is playing

Good morning everybody,
In some former versions of Audacity there was an opportunity to choose the audio source to be recorded from and under the options something like “What you hear”.

In the 3.2.4 ver. this option doesn’t appear. Is there still possible to record audio from a compact disk played in the computer’s drive or from a website ? I’ve read pages of documentation and tutorials on Audacity help pages but there is still no sound appearing in Audacity. I’ve an ACER Predator PC with Windows 10 Home and an external audio interface Quad Capture (but I don’t know if it’s included in the recording process - sorry I’m still kind of dummy as well in English as in MAO, although I play analog music since years).

I seem to have done each and every setting recommended by the hellp pages but the the line on Audacity interface is still right; the input level display remains white.

Could somebody help me ? Many thanks in advance.

Best regards

What you get offered in the way or Recording Device is down to your operating system (Windows in your case) not Audacity.

You may find that if you dig around in the Windows Sounds > Recording dialog that you have a Stereo Mix option which is often disabled by default - but you can enable it for use.

Better though on Windows is to use the WASAPI host and set the Recording Device to the loopback option.

See this section of a tutorial in the Audacity Manual: