recording waveform too small

I am using a macbookpro 10.6.8 and a mbox mini.
Using the latest version of audacity 2.0.2
My recording signal (waveform) is too low–recording at about -20 dbs
when I have my gain at about 5’oclock on the gain dial. If I up it to 6’o’clock it clips and is way too hot recording at about 0 dbs
I do not want to fix with effects ie normalize… I would like a good signal to begin with as it noisy here.
Also, can’t move the mic slider (input volume) on the very right hand side of the audacity program.
Of course, I have turned up the mix knobs on the mbox but nothing worked.
Would appreciate your advice. Thank you in advance.


Audacity does not properly support MBox, that is why the Audacity input slider is not controlling MBox.

MBox is meant for use with ProTools.

If you haven’t already done so you should try installing the DigiDesign OSX 10.5/10.6 Standalone CoreAudio drivers for third-party software. See .


Hi Gale,

Thanks for your reply. I tried to download the Standalone Digidesign CoreAudio Drivers Installer v8.0.3 for Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6 (does not support original Mbox) [30.78 MB] …the download won’t open or work… do u have any other ideas/ 3 party downloads that might be able to affect the input slider. I have the avid mbox 3 mini. I know that is made for protools but I thought u could use with other software like audacity. Appreciate your thoughts.


As I say, MBox is made specifically for use with ProTools. Audacity doesn’t explicitly support MBox.

Is the Mbox 3 Mini later than OS X 10.6? I don’t see any later Standalone drivers. I suggest you try .

You could try looking in the Apple Sound Preferences for an input slider for the MBox, but Mac as a rule does not provide input sliders for external devices.