recording vynil lp on audacity using windows 7

I am recording from a record player. All goes well until I try to record the second side of the record or add a new side to the original recording. I think I tried to do the right thing but it doesn’t seem to work … Help - I must have missed seeing something

I suspect that you are recording side one, pressing stop, turning the record over and pressing record - and what you get is a second track under the first and it mixes in the recording of side 1 with side 2 - right?

For a start you need to make sure that Overdub is turned off in the Tracks menu.

Then you have three options:

  1. Record side one, press Pause, turn record over drop needle, press Pause again
  2. Record side-1, Press stop. Turn record over drop needle the press Shift and the red record button (or the shortcut Ctrl+R) this is Append record and it will start recording where you left off on side-1.
  3. Just let the recording run as you turn the LP over and record side 2 - then just delete the empty bit you don’t need.

Personally I usually prefer to deal with one side of an LP or tape at a time as that gives me a smaller working set.

You may find this set of tutorials from the manual helpful:

especially this one:


Thank you all. I was doing something daft but then as I am 88 am not too bothered. I am just saving my collection of excellent records on cd so now I can carry on and think about what I am doing. It is not like playing an instrument when I just sit down and play.