Recording volume VERY low

Hi all. I have Googled and YTed to no avail so I am here. I am attempting to record some covers, the way I do it is to import the karaoke version of the cover into Audacity and sing along. That works except my recording is REALLY soft. Like unhearable.

Using latest Audacity 2.2, recording through a Steinberg UR22. I doubt it is a hardware issue since I have recorded fine before. Have checked Windows settings and maxed out all recording levels. Windows 10.

I’ve followed various online tutorials but I am at my wits end here. Please help!

Using latest Audacity 2.2, recording through a Steinberg UR22.

Recording what through a UR22? There are two generic series of microphones and one important difference between them is volume. Sweetwater claims the UR22 is no longer made and they kept the sales page up just for convenience of the customers. You can’t actually order one.

Any idea why it was discontinued?
Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 21.09.40.png
There is no Audacity 2.2. There is a 2.2.2 which is the current release. That’s important because 2.2.1 had a serious file management problem.

If you really do have Audacity 2.2, then you may have an unofficial release.


No idea I bought mine years ago and I want to use it because well, it’s there. Would be a shame to waste it and a pre-amp gives better sound than just Windows.

Yes, 2.2.2 is what I use. Do you need the make of microphone?