Recording Volume too low

I just installed Audacity 2.1.0 on my new laptop. It worked great on my old laptop. Here my recording volume in the audacity mixer is set to 1.0. My volume is 100%. The input is my stereo mix. Audio Host is MME. Everything seems to be right, but the volume is very low. It’s almost like a straight line.
What am I doing wrong? How do I correct it?

Do you mean in Mixer Toolbar?

Where? Do you mean your output volume in Windows? What version of Windows are you using? Does the audio you are playing sound loud?

If you are playing the audio on some device other than the motherboard audio device, such as a USB headset, you can’t use stereo mix to record it. Stereo mix only records audio playing on the motherboard audio device.

Have a read of


Yes the mixer toolbar is 1.0
I’m running Windows 8.
Yes I was recording some music cue from YouTube. The volume on the youtube is full and on my windows speakers is full.
The input is stereo mix and my recording device default is the stereo mix.
It’s the same settings as I had in my old laptop which ran windows 7.
I also had an older version of audacity. Other than the windows and the audacity version, everything else is the same. But on my old laptop the sound is loud and clear. In the new laptop, it’s too low. It’s almost like a straight line.
What should I adjust.

As I said, it depends whether you can hear the audio loud on YouTube. If you can barely hear the audio, you will barely record it.

As I said, it depends what device you are playing the audio on. If you are listening on a USB headset, stereo mix will not record that.

Perhaps if you are playing the audio on your motherboard audio device such as “speakers”, the drivers are broken and the Audacity input volume slider does not raise the input level in Windows. Open Windows Sound and on the Recording tab, right-click over Stereo Mix, choose “Properties” then look at the “Levels” tab.

Also please read the article I suggested: Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Windows - Audacity Manual. If stereo mix does not work for you, use the instructions there to record from Windows WASAPI loopback instead.

If WASAPI loopback does not record either, please post the information from Help > Audio Device Info… top right of the Audacity menu bar. Right-click in the Audio Device Info window, and choose “Select All”. Then right-click and “Copy”. Paste here. We cannot see your computer, we need you to tell us what audio device you are trying to listen on.

Naturally we assume you have permission from the copyright holders of the video to record it.