Recording volume too high!


I have a Dj mixer conected to an interface u-control Behringer UCA222. This interface is conected to my laptop. I’m trying to record on Audacity my dj sets.

The problem is that the volume coming from the Dj mixer is way too loud and it gets distorted in the laptop. In order to get a clear sound i have to lower the sound of the mic in audacity almost to 0. But this seems to take a lot of the original sound from the Dj mixer. And still i have to lower a lot the sound from the Dj mixer which is a problem because i want to make a Dj set and i need the volume to be high to know what I am doing…

I know that the soundcard of my laptop is bad, but having an audio interface such as UCA222 should solve the problem no?
What do you think is the problem?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

having an audio interface such as UCA222 should solve the problem no?

Yes. The UCA222 and its cousins count as a different soundcard.

It’s true that the UCA series is missing volume controls. That’s one reason they were so cheap. How do you have them connected? It’s normal for them to be a little off each other in volume, but you make it sound like they’re not on the same planet.

Windows has the ability to mess with the sound channel. Unlike Macs, it has the ability to change the volume of a USB connection. So I would start there. Also, make sure Windows Enhanced Services is turned off and you may also find a “20dB Mic Boost” setting turned on.

I’m assuming the USB cable is the only cable between the mixer and the laptop, right?

There’s no good way to tell if the UCA is overloading other than inspection and testing. If no matter what you do in Windows the blue waves have flat tops and sound crunchy, then that’s probably the UCA overloading (attached).

This volume problem is common when the connection is, for example a “Y” cable from the house or master feed. If that overloads, try the Tape-Out connection that some mixers have. If nothing works, you can use the booth connection and set Booth for recording volume. Do the real booth volume a different way.

I’ve been known to put a small hi-fi preamp in the booth for actual booth volume.

Some mixers split booth and headset volume. Use one of those for recording.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 16.48.16.png

What make and model is the mixer?

Maybe it has lower level outputs? Tape out or something like it?

The Behringer UCA202 has consumer level inputs (-10 dB). Maybe your mixer has pro level output (+4 db)?

Passive inline attenuators exist:

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

My mixer is old. It’s a Pioneer DJM 300s.

I have changed the USB volume in Windows but as i said i have to turn very low in order to have the possibility to turn the Master volume up. And when i do this i loose sound quality. So i’ve kept it at normal level (50)

Here’s a video to understand better what’s going on. Sorry, but the quality is not very good:/

The mixer is conected by the Master out to the UCA. The UCA is conected by USB to the laptop. The mic level in audacity is at 50 and the master volume in the mixer is already low. The recording is ok like that. But if I turn master volume just a litle bit up it starts cliping.

I think that maybe the signal from the mixer is to strong for the laptop. But i need to have the master volume in the mixer at 12 o’clock in order to listen to what I’m doing in the mixer and record it at the same time.

Any ideas on the how to make the signal less strong and not loose quality?

Thanks again