Recording Volume To Loud

I downloaded the new Audacity version onto my new laptop running Windows 7. I have the recording volume set to .04± (almost off) and the recording volume is still quite loud and I am worried about clipping issues. I haved used Audacity on my desktop with Windows Vista and did not have this issue. I believe I have check every setting/adjustment both in Audacity and the laptop. Again, having a fair amount of experience with Audacity on my desktop PC with Windows Vista I am completely baffled. When I convert the music to MP3 form and move to iTunes, it seems to sound fine. But the recording definately looks clipped (as I understand the term). Any help is greatly appreciated. Overall, this is a great program. Thanks to all involved…

New Windows laptops rarely have a line level input jack. From your description it sounds like you have connected to the microphone input. What are you connecting to the laptop?

– Bill

I have an ION iTTUSB turntable connected with a USB cable. The gain is turned all the way down.