Recording Volume question

Hi there - I’m in the middle of recording an audiobook and my son changed the recording volume on the slider when he was using Audacity while I was between chapters. I do not remember exactly where it was when I was recording before. Will this make a shift in my volume? Is there a way to check previous recordings to see what the recording volume was set at?

If you followed the general recommendations and saved each raw reading as its own WAV file, you just need to play one of those back and note where the blue waves are. Close that file and see where your current waves are when you record.

If you use AudioBook Mastering, it doesn’t matter that much as long as you get close. Mastering will make up the difference. The fuzzy goal is to have your blue wave tips reach about 50% or -6dB on the bouncing sound meter.

Anything close to that should work. Try not to go much higher.

If you use somebody else’s mastering, you should consult their instructions.


Okay, good to know. Thank you!! :smiley: